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I planned a surprise birthday party for a ding dong guy who pampers me more than human being can, who else no other than my lovely bf. The anxiety that I had throughout the whole mastermind nearly killed me.

I booked the room, called up his friends, sisters, and specially made gift from me. May sound easy but its not since I don’t have his friends no. and I have to secretly get from them then make them invite him for a dinner at Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine that he bugged me to go which I gave tons of excuses why I don’t want to go (he have no idea I’ll will be there with the rest).

From worrying that he might bail on them or discover our plan before we get to shout “surprise”. All the heart thumping and sweating and palpitation can really shut me down. Besides the problem getting the people, my present nearly can’t make it since it’s specially made and I have to send it from one shop to another to get it done.

Well in the ends all the hard works worth it when everything happened just like I’ve planned though a little late, EHEM.. When I come to Time.. The word LATE doesn’t surprise those who are around me. Ahahaha..
All of us stuffed ourself until we nearly crawl our way home.. wahahaha…

my birthday boy with gift from mua..

The Guys

All the ladies in da house

while the table is still clean, I didn’t manage to snap the ending of this very table coz me too busy with scoffing food down my throat

oh o… We got company… since Halloween just around the corner, its no shock that we’ll get to see ghost and monster walkin around

I guess he too wanna join our group picture.. ehehehe

us.. without the ghost

a decent design from Secret Recipe.. Tiramisu

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As soon as I landed my feet on the ground of the infamous Genting Highland, I got leg cramp.. DARN.. Worst of all, it doesn’t end there coz that’s just the beginning. It lasted for 3 days 2 night.. sigh.. I walked like a Grandma while babe cough like a Grandpa but both went to Casino and got blocked by the security guard like underage teens. How ironic. Wahahha.. well thank god we’re humorable enough to just laugh all the bums off though it stink to be walking weirdly when I put so much effort in prepping myself up and end up wags like a duck. Sheesh..

One thing that I couldn’t stand, there was an incident where a group of Myanmars guys went into the same elevator as mine and purposely turn around and stare then giggles then again and again.. from 1st floor to 8th floor.. how I wish to just DIG his eyes out and kick his nuts… I felt so violated.. ish ish…

Ignore that,the meal in the food court at the first world hotel was great, they have many types of food and at 1st babe worried that I might not like the food there and insist that we go Restaurant Kampung for buffet.. but end I preferred the food court’s food than the buffet.. they have all types of cuisines there.. Appropriate price and worth it.. unlike the Restaurant Kampung who don’t have Rendang on Malay Cuisine and charge so expensive.. if it’s worth it I don’t mind.. like Coffee Teracce…

Despite the walking issue and the stupid elevator incident, Me and babe had a great time enjoying ourself. Sweet~~

just when i posed nicely, this kid came up… just GREAt…

peekaboo.. I see u~~

ain’t this cute

B minding his own business

after a nice long day of walk.. a lil Squizing is good… ahhhhhh….

omg.. we’re so puny.. boo on the photographer

There air up here is fresh but so polluted by the smokers and the vehicles.. sheesh..

like usual I’ve created tons of drama but we’re good =D
all ends well

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omg.. how i love raya.. who doesnt love raya who haves RENDANG, KETUPAT, and baju kurung who hides all the fat that you accumulated during this festive season. I’ve been bugging my schoolmate Faharniza since bulan Ramadhan to make sure that her mom cooks my favourite RENDANG.. LOL.. this raya is a bit rush for me as morning I have to Beraya at my schoolmate’s house then transform into typical teen to join my leng lui for a little gals hang out then night depart for my holiday to genting.. whoa.. talk about PACKED.. >.<” but its all worth it..
P.S.secretly I prefered my day goes this way as it’s worth more as more things are done.
Raya Visit..

me in baju kurung.. weeee…

my rendang supplier.. naw.. she’s worth more than that for sure.. friendship.. =)

doesnt look that good but it sure does..

ketupat n nasi himpit.. sumtin that im forbid to eat more than once a year.. lol.. hard to digest thats y.. =P

gals hangout..

tracy(Singapore), me(Pearl Island), yumi(Kuala Lumpur).. all far apart.. tsk tsk..

Last but not least..

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Lately you can see Chipster almost everywhere, from Friendster to TV. I’ve entered their contest and ate tons of it too. Check out my photo and vote me!!! Thanks… I’m at gallery page 9 and 10 with the nick Jolyn Cutiez. Just 2 pictures, not much… so I just need your 2 votes.. ehehehe… pls and 10q…



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Omg.. How time flies when your having fun..
yea yea.. I know I sounded cliché but it’s the truth though. So fast already passed a year with my babe, guess all the pampering makes me forgot the hindrance of life that usually slow down my day. I’m truly thankful to God for blessing me with B who pampered me like nobody else would (no offends to others, everyone else pamper me too but what he always does is way beyond everybody else league).
I’m likeable but I’m no angel, I’m not perfect. I have a temper who strike like a lighting and hurts as much too but yet he can bear it all. He not only can stand my drama but incredibly, he often enough will join me act out the whole play and twist it to happy ending. He accepted me for who I am, bad or good he take it all. He read my needs like a scanner, He crack me up like a professional comedian,
He’s just a human who miraculously fall for me and I’m grateful for having him. Amen. ^^

babe… bz with his meal..

me acting.. shy shy… ^^

Babe surprised me with a Police watch.. so sweet..
but I didn’t manage to give him anything… nvm… I will make it up to him… BIG TIME.. I swear… =P

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