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I have a friend


He is a monster









He is something like Sulley
from Monster Inc



He is Big



When I stand beside him

He make me feel like









Bad Sulley

We often end up in picture like above
Where he bully me and make me pouts -.- 












jl 2














jl 4







jl 5







The Big Monster is

Jason Lioh



Big Lovable Monster



Happy Birthday You
Big Monster!!

~ May All Your Wish Come True~





Sulley & Boo

That’s all folks..


A post dedicated to just my dear friend JasonLioh
(did it cause he told me so with effort and ♥.. Say Awwww…  ;-) )


Hope you (the one and only JasonLioh) Like/Love it
(or most probably you’ll just do the above mentioned facial expression  :roll:  )




Happy Birthday My Dear Big Monster !!


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Like usual..
Was in KL celebrating my CNY at my aunt Jackie & Uncle Anuar place..


Another Usual is
me and Ame wearing same outfit but different colour..
a very usual thing that we seems to be doing since we’re young.. Here


We didn’t do it on purpose
but we some way some how always manage to find something similiar
separately or together cross upon nice outfit which have Two nice colours ^^



This year it so happen we went to Summit
for some Aromatheraphy Oil Massage and saw these cute Cheongsam..


So..  ;-)


cny -1-

Aunt Jackie gorgeous daughter Amelia darling.. ♥




cny -2-

Ame and her beloved aka my bro-in-law ^^




cny -3-

Aunt Jocelyn cooked all these delicious dishes… *drools*




cny -4-

4eva sweet..
(totally not helping, I’m far away from MrB lar =/)



cny -5-

Me and Sis =)




cny -6-

Trying on Aunt Molly accessory..



cny -7-

This is my Aunt Molly..
Infamous Mama Rock,
out with all her blings..



cny -8-

After makan, Kids play..







cny -9-

Nice hair accessory no?!  :lol:



cny -10-

Once you pop you can’t stop? XP




cny -11-

When one just doesn’t seem to be enough..
WE GET TWO!!  =)




cny -12-

A decent pose?



cny -13-

Gong Xi Gong Xi ^^



 Cny -13.5-

With Uncle Jaynus.. =)




cny -14-

Guess what we’re preparing??




cny -15-

Yee SANG!!
Organic Yee Sang..




cny -16-

Ame buy, I prepare (she do all the cutting, cut the packaging la ha.. XD)
Totally my first time encounter and decorate it base on imagination since Ame throw the box
before I can have a look..  =.=




cny -17-

I must admit the taste is very delicious and sweet, I Like..
Organic Yee Sang is Very Nice..
Definitely will buy it for my future CNY celebration^^




cny -18.5-

Beside Yee Sang..
Ame bought Fortune cookie too~~




What does my fortune
cookie say??



cny -18-

My cookie..
Aggresive sangat until my cookie says that.. =.=



cny -19-

They all got their fortune too..
but I forgot what is it.. ^^”




The night didn’t ends here..




We went..








cny -20-




 Wait for it..


Another few pictures of camworing coming up..
Close your eyes if you can take it No more.. XP



cny -21-

Juvenne joined us after her reunion in Cheras..



cny -22-

Awww… ;D




cny -23-

We’re in the same genre..
Cuteness Genre! lolx 









cny -24-

Come on..
We are CUTE!  XP



cny -25-

Hassan darn cute/funny in this ^^
(On 2nd thought I wonder is he mocking me with this facial expression.. =.=”)



We end the night with a TWIST!!



Twisting and
Dancing ^^




cny -26-

Shake it shake it..





cny -27-

Super late d..
still all smiley =)



cny -28-

All dancing..
EVERYBODY up on their feet..




cny -29-

Apart due to similarity, together we are one




If you see too much of me inside here..
This is bcoz..
The Senior  Leng Lui and Leng Zhai don’t allow me to show their face..
My Aunt will skin me pretty much alive if I publish their photo.. ^^”
That’s about it..



Gong Xi Fa Cai!!



May Mr Rabbit brings loads of
Prosperity and Good Health
to you and family

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Event: Wei Chun & Lim Hsia Wedding Morning

Date:  11/12/10

Venue:  MrB House


You seen Part I – Wedding Eve - of these lovely couple (and our performance ^^)..


Now Part II – Wedding Morning
Where all the games, suspense and anxiety build up..



Part II -1-

Jeng Jeng Jeng




Part II -2-

Food all ready for guest..




Part II -3-

MrB with his Uncle




Part II -4-

Lil Me with MrB’s Ah Ma




Part II -5-

Busy Busy Busy..




Part II -6-

Caught in the act, Bad influence..
Tsk Tsk
(Didn’t realise the kid are watching me at the side.. -.-”)

I forgot which photographer I’m trying to whack for kacau-ing ^^”




Part II -7-

The Ji Mui.. Ngek Ngek Ngek >=P




Part II -8-

Being happy and excited for the bride ^^




Part II -9-

Poor fella and his Heng Dai kena bullied by the Ji Mui..   :lol:




Part II -10-

He have to answer Ji Mui question by writing the answer on his Heng Dai butt..




Part II -11-

I missed it all as I was locked inside the room with the Bride and Bridesmaid ^^




Part II -12-

Mix emotion among the young ones ^^




Part II -13-

Lovers Reunite




Part II -14-

Barbie and Ken for the day =)




Part II -15-

Ang Pow time!!




Part II -16-

Jiak Jiak Jiak (Eat Eat Eat)




Part II -17-

At Ma Chor Pai Pai (Paying Respect to Goddess)




Part II -18-

With Mrb Sisters and Couzy..




Part II -19-

The Bride arrived at her new sanctuary..




Part II -20-

My and MrB in the Newlyweds Room




Part II -21-

Us in Bride’s New House




Part II -22-

Bigger Group Picture ^^




Part II -23-

Groom’s Sister is a huge fan of Doraemon..
This is just part of her collection.. ^^




Part II -24-

Picture of Random Stuff from bride and groom room..


We tour around Newlywed house and snap picture of their stuff
as though we’re in a muzium.. XP



Part II -25-

Group Picture with Lim’s Family Photo Saying Byee…



Oh wait..



I saved the best for Last..



What is it??








Jeng Jeng Jeng…




Part II -26-

=P Kissy Scene from the whole morning.. =P




 Well incase you feel I posted too little picture..




Here is the video of the whole morning ceremony..


VIDEO IS BLOCKED BY SONY DUE TO SOME ISSUE with the music copyright =.=”



watch it in youtube

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