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Event: DiGi D’Ultimate Birthday Bash
Venue: QEII
Date: 14th Aug 2010


Like I mentioned in my previous post that I’m going and yesh I went!
Due to some boo boo I went there later than I expected but everything
went well after that so not harm being done..   :-)


Digi Birthday Bash

I come with peace,
No war XP



Digi Birthday Bash at QEII

QEII seems to be the “It” place to do event recently..
Everything at QEII
I like it I must say as it is very windy and unlike usual 
bar/club that is hot and stuffy.. ^^”



Digi Registration Booth

Like a good girl, We must Line up.. ^^
Waiting to get my name registered..



My Costume = Sailor Girl / Sailor Moon

Costume of The Day:
I say Sailor Girl, They Say Sailormoon  :lol:



Nicely decorated Food area

Nicely decorated Food area…
But didn’t eat much as I seafood alergic so chicken is my only choice but
the only chicken they serve is chicken wing.. -.- hard to eat



Jeremy and Jolyn!

J & J! Not Jack and Jill but JEREMY CHOY and JOLYN GOH!! ^^
Siapa punya jari ha? XD



CK, Ryan, MrB

I went with these dudes ^^
CK, Ryan, MrB



Digi Crowd

The crowd not really big but real loud alright =)



2009 winner of NESCAFÉ KICK-START

NESCAFÉ® KICK-START™ winner of 2009



David and Charlston The Magician

David and Charlston The Magician
Love the stuff they show..
Real Good..



Lil Jo and The Magicians

Me and The Awesome Magicians..



Penang is a very small island only..
I bump into so many people that night..


Which is a good thing..
Coz more pictures then.. ^^



Peter and Me

Peter Kong!! The last time we met was during Mamma Mia premier..
That was like years ago… Fuh..



Jo and Chris Tock

Another fella who I haven seen for quite some time jor.. Chris
If you’re wondering what is the orange mark that’s stuck on his face
He said his friend cream him with cake XD
and he was walking around the club not realising it.. ^^”



Madeline Khaw

This girl almost every event I went also
she’ll manage to find me.. Madeline Khaw



Digi Bash Group Picture

Bump into Leng Lui during the party ^^
Ai Li and her fren



Jason Ong

:lol:   Didn’t realise JasonOng is doing my Kissy pose
He should have ajak me..
Oi Jason Kissy pose next time..
Inform kay XP



Lil Me Jo up on the stage.. Surprise??

Lil Me Jo up on the stage.. Surprise??
I was chosen as the finalist for best costume of the night



Digi Bday Bash Female Best Costume Finalist

Me and another lady who was chosen as a finalist as well..
Me = Sailor, Lady = Japanese Doll?! If I remember correctly..



Male and Female Finalist for Best costume

Male and Female Finalist for Best Costume
Anxiously waiting for the task we have to do..



All of us did some BOOTY shaking 
MrB snap video but NO
not for public view Thankyouverymuch 
that night audience is more than enough =.=”


Jason Voorhees costume won

Jason Voorhees aka Terry Neoh won male best costume
coz crowd simply love his Sexy Dance.. Encore Non Stop
And I LOL until nak mampus XD




Julie Woon asking the crowd to cheer base on the person she point..
I don’t know who cheer for who until I heard a lot people shout and somebody


Wonder who shout "I Love Jolyn"

“I Love Jolyn”

Above is a reaction caught by MrB on camera..  :lol:


and yesh..
Yours truly
Lil Me

Jolyn Goh 
won the best costume for DiGi D’Ultimate Birthday Bash

The crowd is awesome!!
They Love me, They Really Love me
Coz they cheer for me..
Now this will be a huge reason for me next time
to attend another party at Penang jor


Saw an uncle who cheered so loud that caught my attention..
So happy to know that he cheered for me..
How do I know?
He congratulated me and told me how nice
is my costume etc. before he head home..

Awww.. what a nice uncle ♥



No more dance =.=

I was so nervous
when they ask for another dance from the winner
You can see my sweat face above =.=”


Not coz my booty shaking skill was that bad



My boot simply can't stand all the booty shaking no more

My boot simply can’t stand anymore booty shaking 
About to split into two completely jor..
Realised after first session of booty shaking..
so when they ask for second..
Shake satu dua kali then look at Julie and when she nod OK..
I STOP super quick.. Phew..
Darn kancheong.. ^^”



Best Costume: Jason Voorhees and The Sailor Girl

Jason Voorhees / Sailor Girl
Terry / Jolyn  ;-)



Superb Emcee for Digi

Superb Emcee..
He is VERY VERY funny..
forgot his name and lost his namecard.. =/
=.=” anybody who know do tell..



Miss J and Mr B

 Miss J and Mr B



Digi  Birthday Bash Goody Bag

The Goody Bag for Birthday Girl Me..   :-)
Crocs tiny keychain is so cute



Thanks Digi

Prize for Best Costume..
Ipod Nano


Thanks Digi ♥



I’m happy that I didn’t head home empty handed
and I feel the love… ^^


Thanks crowd.. ♥



Until Next post..



 That's all folks





P.S. I have more Crazy Kodak Moment from the party..
And a secret to spill
Something happen at the end of the party..
Will post later…
Stay tune ~~

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  1. ddfabulous
    3:42 AM on August 19th, 2010

    congrats lil, u look stunning in that costume…

  2. Jason
    12:39 PM on August 19th, 2010

    Give me the ipod please. :P

  3. CK Lim
    11:56 PM on August 19th, 2010

    sad that day never have a photo with that girl at the registration counter, she’s very cute.

  4. Spectre
    11:37 AM on August 20th, 2010

    wah jolyn the sailormoon? can make the sailorman sign ? wekakkaka

  5. Cayenne
    5:25 PM on August 20th, 2010

    where exactly did u get those cute costumes!? i wannn! =)

  6. eaxan
    6:36 PM on August 22nd, 2010

    i oso ada pergi wor… u early back d?

  7. Lil Jo
    11:39 PM on August 22nd, 2010

    DDFABULOUS — Thank you :-)

    Jason — Shooo Shoo.. you got your MAC d.. Shooo Shooo… XP

    CKLim — Aww Don’t be sad.. Sure got chance geh if got fate.. =)

    Spectre — -.-” Sailor Girl ler.. Not sailor Moon ^^”

    Cayenne — Got it from here and there =)
    Eaxan — Not really early ar.. You went? Didn’t see me on the stage??

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