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Ocassion: Raya Open House + My Birthday
Location: Aunt Jackie House
Date: 31st August 2011



For this year 2011 raya holiday I went back my kampung,
back to KayL
back to my family with MrB
because I miss them very much
even though I meet them so often as though we’re just mins apart   :lol:
also because Aunty Jackie lure me with
“I’ll celebrate your birthday party for you” 



Anyway no matter what..
will also pop back to KL if I didn’t go any where far coz
I also miss my favourite dish



Raya 2011 -1-

Love Rendang mix with Lemang, Lontong, Ketupat~
Rendang ayam
Rendang lembu
Ahhh~ I’m in heaven

Then no where near toilet because all these food is darn heaty..
Confirm In but it won’t be that easy to get out…  :lol:
I know I know Too Much Information  =P





 Raya 2011 ♥

Miss J and MrB





Raya 2011 -2-

MrB and My Lovely Uncle
Woops a blurry shot





Raya 2011 -3-

Ame and her colleagues 
Wanna gayut telipon and snap picture at the same time..
Fuh.. Talk about multitasking XD




Raya 2011 ^^

Me and MrB taught guest to be environmentally friendly   ;-)
We teach everyone to write their name on cup so nobody can forget or
get their cup mixed up and end up wasted another cup ^^





Raya 2011 -4-

We and Norman and Yen Yen and baby JayDen




Raya 2011 -5-

 Seh Han Eee with her family dropping by




Raya 2011 -6-

Us ♥ 




Raya 2011 -7-

Meet the taukeso of Creme ByYasmin 




Raya 2011 -8-

Ima, Yasmin, Aunt Jackie and Me  ;-)




Raya 2011 -9-

and the group just gotten bigger ^^ 





Raya 2011 -10-

The purple geng..
Wan Hassan, Ame and Susanne ♥ 




Raya 2011 -11-

We the Pink Group!




Raya 2011 -12-

We are Berserabuk? berterabuk?
Okay… We are a mess
a Happy Harmony Mess ^^




Raya 2011 -13-

Ah… Much Better ♥ 




Not much people know we’re celebrating my birthday,
Well I didn’t inform
So some just eat and go..
Didn’t really inform much people about celebrating my birthday
just close family and friends ♥


So we waited for those who came for open house to say byebye
then waited for my Aunt Rawk to pop by
Then Wallaa!



Raya 2011 -14-

Aunt Jackie with her present to Me  
Wouldn’t be publishing this picture if not for the cake and my lovely aunt
I don’t look nice in this shot +.+



Ahh don’t care..
The cake is….




Raya 2011 -15-

Fit my “Colours Of Lil Jo Life”
perfectly no?!  ;-)



 My gorgeous cake is from Creme ByYasmin



Raya 2011 -16-

Time to put me in the spotlight
Wish, Blow,  Bluek, Cut, Stab?   :lol:




Raya 2011 -17-

Didn’t realise I humor them this much
Oh well… as long as you got a smile.. I’m all good ^^





Raya 2011 -18-

Ann, Me, Ame, Ima, Yasmin
Ame the lady in purple is not this short but often she appears shorter or same height with me
guess she just want to matches me.. Awww.. ♥





Raya 2011 -19-

Wee…. My Friends!!!  :-)




Raya 2011 -20-

All here for me  ^^ 




Raya 2011 -21-

Who again??
ME ♥ 




Raya 2011 -22-

Nurul, Me and Ame




Raya 2011 -23-

Me and Mama Rawk
Aunty Molly 




Raya 2011 - ^^

Jason Lioh!! The big mean softy that always bully me   :-P
It such a shame that this picture is blur..
Someone set it to MF and we didn’t realise until few snapshot later
*Stares at Radius*   LOL



Raya 2011 -24-

Radiance and Juvenne
My young couzy 




Raya 2011 -25-

very hard for us to meet coz
when he is in KL, I’ll be in Penang
when I’m in KL, He’ll be in Penang  :roll: 
finally we meet in KL..




Raya 2011 -26-

Mr Funnyman Isaac Cheah and lovely Charmaine
This fella make me LOL so hard my stomach hurt XD 




Raya 2011 -27-

Mr Macho Man here..Samuel Chew 
Whenever I sees him, He reminds me of Jacob (from the twilight) ^^




Raya 2011 -28-

Joshua Ong and me  :-)
haven meet him for ages ady,
glad he can make it 





Raya 2011 -29-

Serge Norguard aka Lionel Goh 
He is a goh too~
If you don’t know why he kept calling me his couzy, now you know  :-)




Raya 2011 -30-

Group shot!!




Raya 2011 -31-

Two facts about these picture
1) Ame have the tendency to pull people around
2) Samuel face is very funny XD




Raya 2011 -32-

What about these?
What you all notice?
Tips: Radius and Samuel have something in common
They like to play CHAK/hide&seek with camera
They close their eyes whenever camera sees them, it “click” then they close  :lol:





Raya 2011 -33-

Serge or Dusty pulak have the urge to bug/annoy ppl
but overall he did fine..
My aunt they all praise him for being a fine fellow?! 
Anyhow.. Thanks Dusty
for helping to snap our family photo / group shot! ^^



—— also ——
Thank you my friend who pop by for lil ol me
Thanks for the presence and present
Glad you all can make it
Appreciate it oh so much ♥



Raya 2011 - -

There you go..
Reported every pieces and bits of Colours Of Lil Jo Life




Want more?


more frequently lor  :-D


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This year there is no celebration on 30-08-2011
unlike the usual Merdeka Eve, as it falls on the 1st day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. 
All the celebration reschedule  to 16-09-2011, Hari Malaysia.
So no nothing on the Merdeka eve of the day itself other than Merdeka SALES~   :-D



Well.. I didn’t figure out this on my own.  :oops: 
I was as oblivious as much as those around me,
went to ask my uncle when no Fireworks can be found on all channels.



Jo: “Uncle awat takder bunga api semua? Semua channel takder!”
Uncle Anuar: “Orang demam raya, semua balik kampung.”
Jo: “Huh? You’re joking?”
Uncle Anuar: “Betul la, mana ada orang nak pergi berkawat semua tu”
Jo: “Owh ok.. Pastu? Takda celebrate langsung ka?”
Uncle Anuar: “Ader.. Tukar ke Hari Malaysia.”
Jo: “OOwwwwwhhhh…….”



Inilah akibat dari  :oops:
- tak baca surat khabar
- tak tengok berita


This year I went to KL for Raya
many will be staring at me as I mention this coz I still haven pass up
the photos that I owe them, Next post Ok?! ^^”



Anyway *runs from above topic*
when I go KL, I packed something close to me and carry it all the way to KL.


Nothing heavy or hard.. 
Something simple and close to my heart

*woo.. I rhyme*  :-P 



Injecting somthing else to my family and friends that sibuk ngan Raya ^^
When I say “Guess what I brought from Penang??”
Them “What? What?”
Me “This this”
Them “Wahhhh so big… For what??”
Me “for F.U.N.!”    :lol:  




 What is it??




1M -1-

Hehehe…. Nobody is a stranger..
Everyone recognised our dear ol National Flag
The One and Only Malaysia Flag..
Blend in just nice..  ;-)





1M -2-

Embrace it as though it is our second skin ♥
24/7 Close to our mind and soul..


I love this picture a lot! 
Don’t know who snap this picture, found it in my camera.. ^^”





1M -3-

Kami Anak Malaysia!





1M -4-

Tua Muda kami bersama 
menyokong Negara tercinta





1M -5-

 Satu Satu Satu~~

Bukan empat, tiga atau dua
tapi Satu





1M -6-

We are Colourful, We are Special

Tons of Love for One Another
A collection of mixture that form Greatest Picture





1M -7-

One Malaysia
No Colour Difference, No colour Barrier
In our eyes only White, Red, Yellow and Blue   ;-)
What colour you see?



Together we are ONE
A very strong ONE!


Selamat Hari Malaysia


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Selamat Hari Raya, Kepada saudari serta saudari..
Setahun, hanya sekali.. lalalalala~~~~

Yay Yay.. Another celebration equals to another reason to temporary abandon the healthy diet regime and get fat!! Lol..
Rendang & Lemang, Snacking & Binging, Sleep Late & Partay!!

Ehehe..This year celebrated Raya with my family and friends since I’m having my yearly vacation with BB at KL.
So I had twice the fun this year. Yay me.. lol..

Aunty Jackie really knows how to make sure I ate enough while her daughter aka my lovely deary cousin Amelia, make sure I shop enough.

So I’m back home now with more fats and more cloths and less money. @@” ahaha… and happier of coz!! =D

And and more more PICTURES!!!
Here are the pictures of me with family and friends at my cousin’s Raya Open House.

My lovely couzy.. Ame Cayang ^^

Cutesy Wootsy

Tambah My Adik behind

My cunted Uncle..

Uncle Anuar Said..”Sedondon!”

Mohd BB & Siti Me.. lol..

Me & Shida Camworing..

JayXhen & Ayu

Salam dik,Salam~~

Forever Rawks punyer Aunty Molly…

Beraya Beramai-ramai

Muhihbah babe!!

Lavinia – 14yrs old, Me – Old, Ju Wen – 13 yrs Old
tsk tsk.. I’m so puny in between both of them..

Mari Adik, Kakak Ajar Camwhoring.. =P

Do we look alike?? Same manufacturer o~~

Mohd Jay ngan BB Bin Me..


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omg.. how i love raya.. who doesnt love raya who haves RENDANG, KETUPAT, and baju kurung who hides all the fat that you accumulated during this festive season. I’ve been bugging my schoolmate Faharniza since bulan Ramadhan to make sure that her mom cooks my favourite RENDANG.. LOL.. this raya is a bit rush for me as morning I have to Beraya at my schoolmate’s house then transform into typical teen to join my leng lui for a little gals hang out then night depart for my holiday to genting.. whoa.. talk about PACKED.. >.<” but its all worth it..
P.S.secretly I prefered my day goes this way as it’s worth more as more things are done.
Raya Visit..

me in baju kurung.. weeee…

my rendang supplier.. naw.. she’s worth more than that for sure.. friendship.. =)

doesnt look that good but it sure does..

ketupat n nasi himpit.. sumtin that im forbid to eat more than once a year.. lol.. hard to digest thats y.. =P

gals hangout..

tracy(Singapore), me(Pearl Island), yumi(Kuala Lumpur).. all far apart.. tsk tsk..

Last but not least..

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